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Citizens' Climate Lobby is a non-profit, nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on government policies to address climate change.






The Energy Innovation Act

Was reintroduced in the U.S. House Sept. 27 by Rep. Salud Carbajal (D-CA-24) as H.R. 5744.  The Energy Innovation Act, CCL's preferred climate legislation, is a carbon fee and dividend bill, charging corporate polluters a fee for the carbon pollution they put into our air.  The money collected goes to Americans in the form of a monthly “carbon cashback” payment to keep things affordable.  This is great news!  Now let's work together to get it passed.  

Go to for excellent talking points and ideas for how you can build support for it in your community and in Congress.


The IRA, which is now a year old, represents a historic step forward in cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030.   It is full of incentives to help us all go electric, but very few people seem to be aware of it.  See links below!  Talk about it with family and friends!

Learn how the new US tax credits and rebates will work for clean energy home upgrades. Link

How much money will you get with the Inflation Reduction Act?  Find out at Rewiring America

Upcoming CCL, Chapter and Community Events 

If you want to attend or get more information, just email us

Sunday, Dec 3--DEADLINE to sign TUFF petition to the City Council urging them to protect the city's mature tree canopy. (see poster below)


Monday-Friday, Dec 4-8--WCA (Washington Conservation Action) Advocacy Days, (meetings with state legislators, times to be announced). Check WCA website for more information.

Tuesday-Thursday, Dec 5-7 various times-- WA Dept. of Ecology listening sessions on Climate Resilience Strategy. 

Wednesday, Dec 6, noon on Zoom--CCL Tacoma Study Group. Discussing articles that we email ahead of time.  Attend/Send an article

Thursday, Dec 7, 6-8pm--Tacoma Green Drinks, (environmental networking group), location TBD.

Sunday, Dec 10, 4-7pm

CCL Tacoma December Potluck Open House

(a social gathering---families welcome---door prizes!) 

Central Co-op, 4502 N. Pearl St.


Wednesday, Jan 17, 7pm--CCL Tacoma Monthly Chapter Meeting on Zoom.

Program: How to advocate for climate bills in the 2024 WA state legislative session

CCL Tacoma is now on Twitter (@CCLTacoma) and Instagram (ccl_tacoma) Visit us soon! 

Climate Action
Chapter Events
Tacoma Urban Forest Friends_Final.jpg


Did you know that all Pierce County cities have to update their Comprehensive Plans by 2024?  Comprehensive Plans are roadmaps to the future on how the city wishes to develop through the next 20 years.  They’re updated every 5 years.  Many cities and Pierce County actively seek public input.  On the Climate Pierce County Resource page Pierce County Comprehensive Plans, you will find links to the existing city’s comp plan, links to their update pages, and links or information to where they have climate actions.  Browse and learn, then…Make yourself heard, participate and advocate for climate solutions!

By 2029 all Comp Plans will be required to include a climate element because of the Growth Management Act update.  To see what that means check out the Department of Commerce’s page.                                         We can help words become action!


Advocate for Local Climate Solutions!  Pierce County Comprehensive Plans

"Building resilience helps avoid burnout.  It keeps us on course through the highs and the lows.  The Resilience Hub on CCL Community provides opportunities for building personal and chapter resilience that supports purposeful action on climate."  

Check out the Hub, a new tool on the CCL National website's Community section!

Branching Out


Planting and protecting trees supports climate resilience and environmental justice.  The Tacoma Tree Foundation has a great newsletter and website and many fun, educational and helpful activities all over town: check out their calendar!

TUFF, Tacoma Urban Forest Friends, is petitioning the city council to protect and increase the city's existing mature tree canopy.  Link to sign petition

Try Tabling at our CCL Booth 


CCL tablers pass out information, attract kids with activities, listen to climate concerns, suggest ways to take action and find community. We are excited about our recently updated banners, interactive visual aids and flyers! It’s a great way to get started as a CCL volunteer. To join the fun, contact Linda Cohan.


Past events and photos


Drive Electric Steilacoom Festival took place on Sept 16 Photos

 Hilltop Street Fair took place on August 26. Photos

 Green Transportation Summit & Expo took place on August 24.

Fircrest National Night Out took place on August 2. Photos

Informal tabling at Owen Beach took place on July 2 and August 12. Photos

Tacoma Ocean Fest took place on June 4. Photos

 South Sound Sustainability Expo took place on April 22. Photos

Looking for inspiration?


Visit our Climate ARTivism page and explore the lively scene from murals to poetry to music!

 UPDATED 10/6/23

CO2 Update
Monthly CO2 Average at Mauna Loa  (Details)

October 2023:  418.82 ppm

October 2022:  415.74 ppm

Last updated: Nov 5, 2023

Climate Resources
man and pannels
New Climate Resources


"Hope and Despair on a Boiling Planet,David Gelles, New York Times, Sept.  20, 2023.

"Don't get Stuck in a Vortex of Doom. There are Plenty of Reasons for Climate Optimism" Marcy Franck, Cognoscenti, August 21, 2023.

"A Year after the IRA, Industrial Policy has Gone Global.  Now What?," David L. Goldwyn and Andrea Clabough, Atlantic Council, Aug. 7, 2023.

"A Grim Climate Lesson from the Canadian Wildfires," David Wallace Wells, New York Times, July 26, 2023.

(Previous study group articles here)

Websites (Rocky Mountain institute)

Rewiring America

WA State Dept. of Commerce Climate Plan

Visit our Climate Resources page 

Legislative Update



The Inflation Reduction Act, the biggest step toward combating the climate crisis in U.S history, was signed into law on 8/16/22.


The long session passed several good climate bills and a budget with generous climate components, with the help of advocates like us! Read a good recap here.

 Climate Commitment Act   

"Washington state last month launched its complex carbon-pricing scheme, in which most of the state’s biggest emitters of climate-warming greenhouse gases can buy and sell carbon allowances — permits to pollute. On Tuesday, the allowances for the first time will go up for sale in an online auction.

This new market is only the second of its kind in the United States (to CA) and is a major test of state lawmakers’ grand ambitions to rein in climate pollution. If everything goes as planned, the state will be mostly carbon-free by 2050." (Seattle Times, 2/26/23)

Legislative Update
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