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The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act     was re-introduced as HR 2307 on April 1, 2021 by House Rep. Ted Deutch.  Details
Monthly CO2 Average at Mauna Loa  (Details)

April 2021:  419.05 ppm 

April 2020:  416.45 ppm  

Last updated: May 5, 2021

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At last, CCL tablers can get out in public and promote the fight against climate change in person! What is tabling?  It's simply setting up and manning an attractive interactive booth at events like farmers’ markets and expositions and engaging with folks to learn about climate change and solutions like the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. We pass out information, attract kids with activities, chat, provide sign-ups and petitions. It’s a great way to get started as a CCL volunteer. Join the fun! Contact Linda Cohan for more information.

Here are the events we know about so far. There may be more as the summer progresses!
June 6 - Tacoma Ocean Fest, Foss Way, 10am - 5pm
Sept 11 - Steilacoom Drive Electric Event, 11am - 3pm

New Community Class

If we are to be successful in our efforts to create a livable world in the face of climate change, each of us must understand climate processes and what we must do to mitigate and adapt to a changing climate.


The Climate 411 course will take you step by step through:


1.   A layperson overview of the amazing climate scientists, what they tell us, and how they know 

2.   The history and future of our climate

3.   Climate myth and deception – and why some are driven to deceive

4.   Climate change effects here in the South Sound

5.   Human limitations in dealing with climate change

6.   Avoiding climate catastrophe and creating a happy and healthy future

Register here

Climate News Story of the Week
Legislative Update


CCL’s federal strategy is to convince Congress that carbon pricing is popular (and also fast, effective and durable) and to act with urgency on it.  Treasury Secretary Yellen says “we cannot solve the climate crisis without it.” More details


Olympia had a truly historic legislative session for climate bills! The Clean Fuel Standard (HB1091) and the Climate Commitment Act (SB5126) both passed, among others. You can continue to enter your support for climate bills at the WA State Legislative Website, public testimony.  


Climate Pierce County, an umbrella organization of several environmental groups along with CCL, is working on a presentation for the Pierce County Regional Council to ask them to take an active lead in working with small cities and towns on climate issues (organizing, advising, getting grants…) Please come to the meeting on May 20 to support this “ask” and make public comments, or write the council members beforehand.  The meeting runs from 6-8pm on the 20th, on Zoom.  Contact Elly Claus-McGahan for more information.


The City of Tacoma’s Office of Environmental Policy and Sustainability is seeking your voice to help pass their Climate Action Plan. Tell the City Council “Why Climate Justice is Important to You." Instructions here. Due May 12th.

Join CCL's Monthly Calling Campaign

As empowered citizens, reaching out to our Senators and Representatives is the beginning of building the political will for the climate solutions we all need. Call, write or text today.

In fact, you can become a 5-minute climate activist, by joining our CCL Monthly Calling Campaign, to call our members of congress.  Sign up at CCL National.  You'll be sent a reminder, contact info, and are given an optional script.  It's easy!

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