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Citizens' Climate Lobby is a non-profit, nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on government policies to address climate change.


Energy Innovation Act--2023?

From CCL national:  “Word on the street is that the Energy Innovation Act will be reintroduced into the House as soon as this month. This bill represents the (carbon fee and dividend) policy that CCL has advocated for over a decade. So we’re getting an early start on supporting it. 

Ask your House Representative today to co-sponsor the Energy Innovation Act once it is reintroduced!"

WA Legislature Adjourns

There are some big wins to celebrate--sustainable land use planning, salmon recovery, clean energy siting, air quality--made possible by citizen advocacy and support like ours! We can now send thank you's to our representatives who championed climate action.

There were some disappointments as well--improving recycling , electric school buses, right to repair--that we will look forward to supporting next year!    Find out how to take action.


The IRA represents a historic step forward in cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030.   It is full of incentives to help us all go electric.  See links below!

Learn how the new US tax credits and rebates will work for clean energy home upgrades. Link

How much money will you get with the Inflation Reduction Act?  Find out at Rewiring America

Upcoming CCL, Chapter and Community Events 

If you want to attend or get more information, just email us





Friday-Sunday, June 2-4, 10-5-- Tacoma Ocean Fest, Foss Waterway Seaport.  Come and visit our chapter's tabling booth on Sunday!

Wednesday, June 7, 12 pm on Zoom--CCL Tacoma Study Group.  Discussing articles that we email ahead of time.  Send an article


Thursday, June 8, 6-8 pm--Tacoma Green Drinks (environmental networking organization), location TBD.

June 10-13--CCL National June Conference, Washington DC.

Wednesday, June 14, 6 pm-- Walk Tacoma: the Waterfront Tour, by Downtown on the Go, meeting at Foss Waterway.

Wednesday, June 21, 7pm on Zoom--CCL Monthly Chapter Meeting, speaker Chrissy Cooley, Puget Sound Clean Air Agency Director.

Tuesday, June 27, noon on Zoom--Tabling Committee meeting.

CCL Tacoma is now on Twitter (@CCLTacoma) and Instagram (ccl_tacoma) Visit us soon! 

Climate Action
Chapter Events

Our May 17 chapter meeting was especially informative! 2 speakers and a presentation on the chance to act/petition below.  Did you miss it? Catch the recording.


Puget Sound Energy plans to spend billions of dollars to buy carbon allowances and keep polluting rather than to do anything about getting to net zero by 2050.  

The Washington Clean Energy Coalition has created a petition so that every ratepayer and concerned individual can comment on this horrible plan.  It can show that people are upset and are paying attention.  It needs to be signed by June 5, 5pm.  In the Coalition's words: 

“Customers of Puget Sound Energy as well as a healthy environment and future generations would be harmed by the company's plan to continue emitting huge quantities of greenhouse gases for the next 26 years.

Instead of addressing the problem, PSE would charge customers $10 billion to pay for carbon allowances required to permit these emissions.  That's more than the company would spend maintaining and modernizing our energy grid during the next quarter century!  Although PSE claims its plan is the "second lowest cost" option of the alternatives it studied, PSE uses an accounting trick to defer the costs of reducing emissions until after 2050, placing that burden on the shoulders of our children and grandchildren.

Washington Clean Energy Coalition, the sponsor of this petition, has submitted detailed comments and recommendations to PSE's regulator, the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission.  

By signing this petition, you are urging the Commission to reject PSE's terrible fossil fuel powered plan.  Join us in our call for a cleaner energy future, lower and more stable energy costs, a healthier environment, and a lighter burden for our children and grandchildren.”

"Building resilience helps avoid burnout.  It keeps us on course through the highs and the lows.  The Resilience Hub on CCL Community provides opportunities for building personal and chapter resilience that supports purposeful action on climate."  

Check out the Hub, a new tool on the CCL National website's Community section!

Branching Out


Planting trees supports climate resilience and equity. The Tacoma Tree Foundation has a great newsletter and website and many worthy activities: check them out! 

Past Events

Tree potting parties took place on Mar.10 and 18. 

 50 trees were planted at Madison School on Feb. 4.

Try Tabling at our CCL Booth 


CCL tablers pass out information, attract kids with activities, chat about climate action, provide sign-ups and petitions. We are excited about our recently updated banners, interactive visual aids and flyers! It’s a great way to get started as a CCL volunteer. To join the fun, contact Linda Cohan.

Upcoming Events:

Sunday, June 4, 10-5--Tacoma Ocean Fest, Foss Waterway Seaport


Past events and photos:

 South Sound Sustainability Expo took place on April 22. Photos

Thriftapalooza took place on Nov. 5. Photos

Climate Change is Here: Challenges & Actions took place on Oct. 1. Photos

Drive Electric Event, Steilacoom took place on September 10. Photos

Hilltop Street Fair took place on August 27. Photos

Fircrest National Night Out took place on August 2. Photos

Tacoma Ocean Fest took place on June 12. Photos


Looking for inspiration?


Visit our Climate ARTivism page and explore the lively scene from murals to poetry to music!

 UPDATED 4/4/23

CO2 Update
Monthly CO2 Average at Maunakea  (Details)

April 2023:  423.28 ppm

April 2022:  420.23 ppm

Last updated: May 5, 2023

Climate Resources
man and pannels
New Climate Resources


"Clean Energy is Suddenly Less Polarizing Than You'd Think," David Wallace Wells, New York Times, March 9, 2023.

"Fossil Fuel Demand Has Peaked," Rocky Mountain Institute, Nov. 22, 2022.

"Why we need new stories on climate,Rebecca Solnit, The Guardian,  Jan. 12, 2023.

"Climate Change from A to Z," Elizabeth Kolbert, The New Yorker, Nov. 28, 2022.

"Snapshots, Hotshots, and Moonshots: Images of Climate Change in 2022," Katelyn Weisbrod, Inside Climate News, Dec. 31, 2022.

(previous study group articles here)


Rewiring America

WA State Dept. of Commerce Climate Plan

Visit our Climate Resources page 

Legislative Update


"Key provisions of the PUGET SOS Act passed Congress on 12/19/22 after 6 years of dogged effort by Rep Derek Kilmer, Rep Marilyn Strickland, Lieutenant Governor Denny Heck, and the region’s Tribes.  It recognizes the Sound as a nationally significant body of water and codifies an agreement for federal agencies to restore it."  (The Nature Conservancy)


The Inflation Reduction Act, the biggest step toward combating the climate crisis in U.S history, was signed into law on 8/16/22.


The long session passed several good climate bills and a budget with generous climate components, with the help of advocates like us! Read a good recap here.

 Climate Commitment Act   

"Washington state last month launched its complex carbon-pricing scheme, in which most of the state’s biggest emitters of climate-warming greenhouse gases can buy and sell carbon allowances — permits to pollute. On Tuesday, the allowances for the first time will go up for sale in an online auction.

This new market is only the second of its kind in the United States (to CA) and is a major test of state lawmakers’ grand ambitions to rein in climate pollution. If everything goes as planned, the state will be mostly carbon-free by 2050." (Seattle Times, 2/26/23)

Legislative Update
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