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The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act
was re-introduced as HR 2307 on April 1, 2021 by House Rep. Ted Deutch. To get current co-sponsor totals, click here

Call Your Senators!


And please ask your friends and family to call too in the next 3 weeks.

From Mark Reynolds, CCL Director: “The Senate is deciding right now what action they’ll take on climate change…We need 500 emails and calls to each senator (from WA) asking for a price on carbon in this year’s budget reconciliation bill. We could have a price on carbon this fall!”


Senator Patty Murray

Senator Maria Cantwell


Go to for more details.


Potluck Picnic and Chapter Meeting

We enjoyed meeting in person! On Saturday the 17th, earlier in the month than usual, we had a potluck picnic at Wapato Park.  New and old members had a great time on a gorgeous evening with delicious food and discussed future directions for the group, including how we should meet.  See below for the options we discussed.  Contact Chuck Jensen with your preferences.

  1. Continue all meetings on Zoom

  2. All meetings in person at the Univ. Puget Sound Library

  3. Alternate months, in-person and Zoom meetings

  4. Meet in person except for Zoom in the winter months 

  5. Meet on Zoom except for quarterly in-person meetings

  6. Create an in-person/Zoom hybrid method ASAP (we are working on this!)

Back to the Table

At last, CCL tablers can get out in public and promote the fight against climate change in person! What is tabling? We pass out information, attract kids with activities, chat, provide sign-ups and petitions. It’s a great way to get started as a CCL volunteer. Join the fun! Contact Linda Cohan for more information.

Tacoma Ocean Fest took place on June 6.  See Photos

Climate Justice Festival, Sunday, August 1, 4 - 7 pm

Farmers Markets, selected dates in August TBA

Steilacoom Drive Electric Event, Saturday, September 11, 11am - 3pm

Monthly CO2 Average at Mauna Loa  (Details)

June 2021:  418.94 ppm 

June 2020:  416.60 ppm  

Last updated: July 6, 2021

Climate News

From Inside Climate News (7/21/21), Do Leaked Climate Reports Help or Hurt Public Understanding of Global Warming?

From the NY Times (7/21/21), America in 2090: The Impact of Extreme Heat, in Maps


SciAm's (7/21/21), Earth & Environment weekly

An Opinion by Ezra Klein of the NY Times (7/15/21), It Seems Odd That We Would Just Let the World Burn

From SciAm (6/20/21), The Delusion of Infinite Economic Growth


Legislative Update


Senators Whitehouse and Schatz introduced the Save Our Future Act on June 16. 2021.  It combines carbon pricing with environmental justice concerns.  Details


Olympia had a truly historic legislative session for climate bills! The Clean Fuel Standard (HB1091) and the Climate Commitment Act (SB5126) both passed, among others. You can continue to enter your support for climate bills at the WA State Legislative Website, public testimony.  

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Upcoming Chapter Events
  • Book Group Meeting
    Aug 04, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
    Reading "Everything Change, Vol III," a downloadable ( anthology of short stories, and discussing "Breaking Boundaries," a Netflix documentary
  • Chapter Meeting
    Aug 25, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
    Program to be announced
Join CCL's Monthly Calling Campaign

As empowered citizens, reaching out to our Senators and Representatives is the beginning of building the political will for the climate solutions we all need. Call, write or text today.

In fact, you can become a 5-minute climate activist by joining our CCL Monthly Calling Campaign to call our Members of Congress.  Sign up at CCL National.  You'll be sent a reminder, contact info, and are given an optional script.  It's easy!