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Our Chapter

We are a group of members with diverse backgrounds working as a team to empower and inspire our elected representatives, local media, and community to take action against climate change. 


We focus on education on climate change, seeking endorsement for the bipartisan climate solution HR763 and other resolutions supporting the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions locally.


Our efforts are organized around teams that reach out and engage with different stakeholders in the community to achieve our goal of passing the HR763 bill.

Here's a primer on pricing carbon, developed by our friends at the Skagit Washington CCL Chapter.

An Economic Solution to Climate Change by CCL member Sophie Fetter
Our Teams

We work together in following teams:


  • Membership: Recruiting and managing membership

  • Presentations: Giving presentations on climate change

  • Tabling: Representing CCL and its mission on different events

  • Endorsements: Getting representatives and community leaders to endorse the HR763 bill

  • Newsletter: Informing members on news and events related to CCL

  • Pierce County Outreach: Informing voters on climate issues so they can make intelligent choices

  • Letters to the Editor: Writing letters to newspapers to advocate for climate action

  • Social Media: Keeping members informed through our Facebook page

  • EnRoads Workshop: Using technology to engage audiences in problem-solving their way to tackling climate change

  • Website: Developing a website for the CCL Tacoma Chapter

  • Fircrest Outreach: Influencing the City of Fircrest to take action to address climate change

Become involved - Join CCL now!

Changing the world is in your hands and becoming a member of the CCL is a step towards taking ownership of this power.  Once you join CCL you will be directed to the Tacoma chapter or the chapter in your area.

Citizens' Climate Lobby is a grassroots, non-partisan advocacy organization focused on national policies to address climate change


We lobby members of Congress to support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

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