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Tell the Tacoma City Council Why Climate Justice is Important to You.

In an effort to make this opportunity to be heard more accessible, please consider providing a video or audio clip to tell City Council Members and staff why climate justice matters to you. 


  • Record a 30-120 video or audio clip: 

    • If you use an audio recording: feel free to attach a picture of yourself or of something in Tacoma that matters to you (i.e., a picture of your neighborhood!) 

    • Tip: it's easy to record a video using Zoom or your phone, and then upload to our Google drive folder if it's too large to email

  • Deliver a 50 word or less written statement: 

    • Feel free to attach a picture of yourself or of something in Tacoma that matters to you! 

  • Consider using draft testimonies: 

    • “My name is _____ , and I am a part of the _____ community (or neighborhood)” 

    • Climate justice matters for Tacoma (or me) because… “ 

    • “With Tacoma’s new climate plan, I hope that ______ “ 

    • “In 2030, I hope Tacoma ______ because of our new climate plan ” 

    • “I support climate justice in Tacoma because _______ “ 

    • “I believe that climate justice is where climate action addresses community social justice priorities. To me, climate justice in Tacoma would look like _____ “ 


We understand recording ourselves on video (or audio) can feel vulnerable, so please let us know if there are ways you would like to restrict your recording’s use – such as by using it only in City staff’s presentation to City Council Members and other staff, and not to the wider public. 


We appreciate you considering this opportunity to practice civic engagement, make important communities priorities heard, and improving the representation of our communities in places where decisions are made.  


Please submit video/audio files or written testimonies here.  Questions? Contact Elly Claus-McGahan.

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