Selected Climate News Articles

Updated 11/14/2020

Good News from Australia, from the Climate Council

NYT article, Belching Cows and Endless Feedlots

SciAm's October 14, 2020 Earth and Environment weekly 

It’s not magic: Scientists are trying to reflect outer space to cool the Earth, from the Wash Post.


From Richard Heinberg of the Post Carbon Institute, What If Preventing Collapse Isn't Profitable?

A New Gold Standard for Green Architecture, from the Wash Post

From the Wash Post, 'Unprecedented' climate change is fueling wildfire crisis


Commentary from Erin Brockovich, The US is in a water crisis far worse than most people imagine

From The NY Times, U.S. Flood Strategy Shifts to ‘Unavoidable’ Relocation of Entire Neighborhoods.  Is climate change finally starting to sink in?

SciAm's August 12, 2020 Earth & Environment weekly

From SciAm, Will 2020 Be the Hottest Year on Record?

Revealed: how the gas industry is waging war against climate action, from The Guardian

An older op-ed from The Guardian by Bill McKibben regarding the Keystone pipeline

Science Denial, from Scientific American

CCL News

Updated 10/27/2020

Citizens' Climate Radio Ep. 53: Lessons from a Flood

CCL receives 2020 Keeling Curve Prize

Racism, climate & working together

Austin puts a price on carbon

Citizens’ Climate Radio Ep. 49: Unleashing our imagination

CCL report on conference, 4,685 grassroots climate advocates join virtual climate conference and lobby effort

CCL applauds senators on bipartisan bill

From National CCL site, "Are you a white CCL volunteer? Let's talk."

Tacoma Chapter News

Updated 10/29/2020

The next meeting of the book discussion group is December 2 at noon. We are reading Doughnut Economics: 7 Ways to Think Like a 21st Century Economist, by Kate Raworth.  Join us!

CCL Tacoma member, John Doherty, featured on national CCL site.

Next chapter meeting, via Zoom, is Wednesday, November 18 at 6:30pm.  Sign up on our Home page for the Zoom instructions. 

Tacoma Chapter Member Activities

Updated 10/27/2020

Candidate Visits: We’ll be inviting Pierce County candidates for the November election to join us at upcoming meetings to share their thoughts on the environment. Join us beginning in August and ask your questions.

Lobbying: We’re seeking endorsements and climate action from Pierce County Council candidates through conversations at our monthly meetings. We met with Senator Cantwell’s staffer for the South Sound and Olympic Peninsula, Casey Duff. He’s new to the job, we shared HR 763, what we’re working on here and in Thurston County, and had an hour long discussion on climate action.

Tabling: We are working on new ideas for tabling exhibits. 

Media: CCL Tacoma's John Doherty’s Climate Talk on KTAH 101.9 at 10:00AM and 10:00PM or on your own time. John has just added Climate Minute talks – 60 seconds on a climate topic, first one is Glaciers.

Facebook: Take a look, like and love, or find out how to add content and be an administrator. Check it out:

Members' Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor of The News Tribune
Updated 9/21/2020

Climate change: This solution is ready to try now

Biden: On clean energy, he offers some hope

Climate change: We can't let ourselves be distracted

Climate: Will we revert to Pre-Covid damage?

Disasters: Covid-19 now, climate change next

Four Messages Coronavirus is Delivering on the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day

Economy: Clean Energy can help us recover

Climate: Old thinkers ought to listen to the young

Fuel standards: Pierce leaders got it wrong

Schools: Teachers right to engage in climate talk

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