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Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases
Trends in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
Monthly CO2 Average at Maunakea Observatories  (NOAA Data Source)

January 2023:  419.47 ppm

January 2022:  418.19 ppm

Last updated: February 6, 2023

co2_trend_mlo 123.png
co2_data_mlo 123.png

History of atmospheric carbon dioxide from 800,000 years ago until the end of the most recent GLOBALVIEW+ CO2 collection

Trends in Atmospheric Methane
Global CH4 Monthly Means   (NOAA Data Source)

October 2022:  1920.34 ppb

October 2021:  1908.12 ppb

Last updated: January 5, 2023

ch4_trend_gl 1022.png
ch4_trend_all_gl 1022.png
ch4_gr_gl 1022.png
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