Our Teams: Helping to create the political will for a livable world

The CCL Tacoma Chapter has multiple teams that work closely together to engage with different stakeholders in the community and help CCL achieve our goal of passing climate legislation.

Our current teams:


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Welcome new members and develop and maintain active memberships.


  • Welcome new members who joined through the CCL website, at presentations/tabling events, or through word of mouth by phone calls and/or emails

  • Maintain an online roster of members

  • Offer training to new members by introducing them to the various online resources and the chapter teams


  • Growing membership weekly in the Tacoma area with members now totaling nearly 600, 80 of whom represent Vashon Island

Help us welcome new members and grow our chapter.




Create public awareness of the unfolding climate crisis and the ramifications thereof.  Furthermore, we attempt to show that a Carbon Fee and Dividend is one of the most powerful means of addressing climate change.  A companion goal of our activities is to recruit new members for Citizens' Climate Lobby.


  • ​Reach out to the public with tabling at community events, expos and festivals

  • Make presentations for educational institutions, service clubs, retirement communities and Earth Day events


  • ​Spoke directly with hundreds of Pierce County residents through presentations and tabling events 

  • Added several hundred new members to the Tacoma CCL member list

  • Offer a weekly Climate Talk radio program at local FM station

For newcomers, tabling is a great way to get started with community outreach. There are several folks in the team highly experienced in doing presentations who can mentor anyone interested in getting up in front of groups to talk about climate. 




Promote the Carbon Fee and Dividend Bill that puts a price on carbon pollution/greenhouse gas emissions and returns all funds collected to the American people. This includes educating individuals on the bill in Congress, commonly known as the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.  In order to create the political will for this legislation, we recruit new members to join CCL and encourage them to write letters to their members of Congress.



  • Identify and attend events as representatives of CCL and our local chapter

  • Plan and staff tabling events

  • Offer handouts and interacting with interested individuals in 2- to 3-hour shifts

  • Brainstorm creative ways to engage the public, including children's activities when it is a family event


  • Represented CCL and our local chapter at events such as the South Sound Sustainability Expo, Tacoma Ocean Fest and the Ethnic Fest at Wright Park

  • Signed up multiple new CCL members and collected many letters to deliver to our representatives 

  • Raised our credibility in congressional offices with growing membership and letters from constituents and helped relay growing public concern about climate change to members of congress 

  • Interact with the public at large as well as members of congress, local politicians, tribal members and union representatives 

If you love interacting with individuals - listening to their concerns about climate change and helping to answer their questions - this would be a great team for you.





Create the political will to encourage our national legislators, both representatives and senators, to take action by supporting and helping to pass the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (EICDA) or similar legislation.



  • Meet with grasstops leaders such as city and county council members, mayors, port commissioners, and the Chamber of Commerce

  • Provide leaders with information on who we are, what the EICDA is, and why this legislation is a powerful tool to tackle greenhouse gas emissions on the national level

  • Include information on the economical and health benefits for families and the community  

  • Express our appreciation of leaders for their efforts, convey our willingness to work with them on climate policy, and ask for an endorsement of CCL


  • Met with city council members individually and provided information about CCL, our CCL chapter and the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (EICDA)

  • Presented Mayor Woodards of Tacoma with Climate of Hope, a book by Michael Bloomberg and Carl Pope

  • Invited council member Ryan Mello to present to our CCL chapter meeting on the city’s updating of its Legislative Agenda with regards to climate change measures

  • Testified at city council in favor of the Legislative Agenda and in favor of 1631, a state-wide carbon pricing bill

  • Met with Representative Kilmer often to discuss climate change legislation and wrote to thank him for his climate work

  • Met with staff members of Senators Murray and Cantwell, asking about their support for EICDA in the senate and climate legislation

  • Provided information based on our research to city council members to further inform them of the benefits of EICDA, which was later endorsed by Mayor Woodards and Council Member Beal 

This team has limitless opportunities to work with grasstops leaders to act locally and support national action.  We are always looking for people to help target more leaders and policy-setting organizations in our area.





Inform our members and interested individuals of our activities to help motivate them to get involved. The newsletter also serves as a resource that can be shared among individuals interested in learning more about our chapter.  


  • Gather information on recent activities, current events and legislative action on climate change

  • Create a document in newsletter format and share it with members via email


  • Keep members informed on a monthly basis


We are looking for more writers and innovators to make the newsletter a living document. There is plenty of room for creativity and we would love to welcome you to our team.


Pierce County Outreach


Determine the climate stances of candidates for the Pierce County Council (PCC) District 6 Council Member position and inform voters on the climate issues, to help them to make educated decisions when voting.



  • Keep voters informed on climate change issues under consideration and resulting decisions by the PCC District 6 

  • Encourage voter registration

  • Conduct monthly meetings intended to educate ourselves on how best we might accomplish our goals


  • Met with a District 6 Council Member candidate to determine their background and position on climate change issues

  • Offered CCL as a resource to District 6 voters, helping to educate them on the climate climate issues that the PCC will deal with going forward (such as the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency’s Clean Fuel Standard) 


We would love to have more energetic members who reside in District 6 (this includes Steilacoom, parts of Lakewood, JBLM, DuPont, and a small slice of Parkland and Spanaway just east of JBLM).



Letters to the Editor


Encourage members to write letters and op-eds to newspaper editors and posting on blogs, and social media as well as appearances on radio shows.


  • Write articles on climate change to various organizations, civic clubs, and non-profit newsletters

  • Serve as a peer-editing advisory contact for content and style when needed

  • Work with local radio and television to communicate the goals of CCL in its effort to mitigate climate change


  • Submitted letters by five chapter members to the editor of The News Tribune 

  • Published a member's op-ed piece in the newspaper for the Earth Day celebration in April, 2020

If you like writing and want to have an impact through media - this would be a great team for you!



Social Media


Increase the political will for meaningful action on climate change by sharing stories and messages about the need for action and solutions people are taking, particularly as they relate to placing a price on carbon at the federal level.



We'd love to have you join our team and make our Facebook presence broader.  We are available to help you get involved at your own pace and getting involved in this team is an easy way to be active, even if you can't attend meetings!  Even small amounts of time are helpful.  Prefer other platforms for engaging socially on-line?  Great!  Help us expand into new areas!


EnRoads Workshops


Engage all audiences in problem solving our way to successfully tackling climate change.  In the process we hope to leave people with hope and belief that collectively we can do this and meet our needs for an equitable and livable world.



  • Present workshops to groups and to individuals sharing the climate solutions simulation tool En-ROADS produced by MIT Sloan and Climate Interactive

  • Create scenarios that will limit global warming to between 1.5 to 2 Degrees Celsius



  • Trained two members through a series of webinars by Climate Interactive to become Climate Ambassadors and to use the tool and run workshops

  • Held one large workshop so far and several individual workshops. 


Anyone interested in learning a new tool and want to help our effort to engage audiences in problem solving our way to successfully tackling climate change is welcome to join the team!




Provide a platform to interested individuals and existing members with information about our chapter and its activities to protect the environment.



  • Create content through research and interaction with chapter members

  • Offer easy access to interested individuals to contact our chapter and become members

  • Work daily to expand the content and improve the design


  • ​Started in February 2020 and went live in April


There is still a lot to do and there are limitless opportunities to expand the website. We would love your support  



Fircrest Outreach


Influence the City of Fircrest to take appropriate action while actively growing the CCL Fircrest membership community and involving current CCL Fircrest members.



  • Attend City Council meetings

  • Establish relationships with City Council Members

  • Meeting with the mayor and council members to secure endorsements for climate legislation



  • Former Fircrest Mayor George (and current Councilmember), Councilmember Reynolds, Mayor Pro Tem Barrantine and former Councilmember Surina have endorsed the new Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (EICDA)

  • Lobbied the mayor, several council members and two candidates for Fircrest City Council

  • Established a good relationship with the City Council

  • Created an informal liaison between the City Council and CCL that has led to increased movement towards more environmental action

  • Tabled at two National Night Outs

  • Added several active Fircrest residents


Any CCL member, especially Fircrest residents, are welcome to join and support this activity. 

Study Group


To provide a space for members to discuss books, articles, documentaries, and other media, in order to deepen our understanding of the critical issues of the day and to support one another intellectually and emotionally.


  • Meet monthly to discuss agreed-upon material

  • Send recaps of the meeting discussions

  • Find new material for the next meeting

  • Share recommendations and opinions about recent publications via email or the Book Forum


  • Established a dedicated group of readers for the often quite challenging material.

  • Established a friendly, respectful space for the open communication of thoughts and opinions.

  • Established a supportive group to help provide a philosophical basis for our climate action endeavors

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