Our Chapter Art

Barbara Menne, Untitled, alcohol inks, 2021.

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Alex Atwood, Remnants, 2021.  Musical Composition with Visual Accompaniment.  Location is Chambers Bay Park.

joanna painting.jpg

Joanna Lepore Dwyer, Untitled, 2000. Yes, my daughter the artist!  A high school work, it hangs on my office wall as a daily reminder of what we are up against.

From Nancy Atwood, a poem by her friend Sue Liska:

What Do You See Off the Bow of Your Ship?

A vision of blue, a promise of forever

 The sky a pink hue, yet I feel a slight shiver

What upsets this earth picture so vivid with beauty?

 A thought so distressful, in verse I think my duty


To paint a picture of plastic everywhere raining down

 Entering our ecosystem, is it possible to rebound?

It affects my thoughts….. pollution is a dirty word

 Ahead in time, I see fewer animals and birds

Our Mission:


To make things right, to educate and care

 To help erase this blight over our earth once fair

Develop technology to recover, reuse, redistribute

 And to humanity’s future we will be a tribute 


A Few Years From Now:

Triumphant! We did it large scale, results plain to see

 Our earth looks better, cleaning up was the key

On the horizon ahead, no longer to aggrieve

 Healthier food and drink, and better air to breathe


This ship crosses waters near my town and yours,

 And plastic recovery is a business that soars

Every piece utilized for man’s hungry desires

 Captured in mobile bays, all excuses ceasefire

Zero tolerance for scrappy discards that can’t be reused

 Find them, surround them, recover, recycle, stop abuse

Then the view from your ship’s bow will surely produce

 A satisfaction and success for planet Gaia--no excuse