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Our Chapter Art

LODDLENAUT, video game on Steam, 2023.  "Your mission: Clean up the ocean planet of GUP-14 after it was abandoned by GUPPI, a mega-corporation that makes and sells everything from soda to spaceships. When you first arrive on the planet, you’ll find yourself amid murky waters, oil spills, and scattered junk.  Befriend local axolotl-like creatures and explore sunken corporate ruins as you revive the planet’s lush ecosystems."

Thanks to Becca Lepore: "I think the existence of this kind of thing speaks to a desire to want to make things better and to want it to be something we can do personally. Helps with the helplessness a lot of us feel about it. They also donate part of their sales to an ocean-related charity." 

See trailer on YouTube

terra nil.jpeg

'YON Quartet, cover of "SuSi" by Ben & Ben, (Philippine folk-pop group) using traditional Philippine kulintang instruments. Thanks to Cathy Carruthers for this contribution!

Watch on YouTube

"Even with the weight of the world on your shoulders

Do not ever lose heart

I'm right by your side

Ignore their tirades

Tomorrow is drawing near

So keep on fighting

Remember why you started 

Before you start giving in to defeat

Don't do it by yourself you are not alone

You are still the key to the door of your own destiny"

To: CCL dedicated members, by Sue Liska, September 2022.

We see the world environment crisis and are disenchanted

Sitting  forlorn with sadness, often politically empty-handed

It makes me want to stand up and shout, “Time to expand it.”

Don’t feel dejected at a temporary loss in political action

This group exists as a meaningful reaction

To a population in a state of inaction

When we see severe climate issues continue unabated

It’s then we feel our spirits and minds heavily weighted

And that’s why to action we lean and are persuaded

Could we do anything else but carry a banner forward?

With hearts knowing, we meet obstacles before us unfurled

We try to save some semblance or likeness of our world

March on, caring people, make your voices heard

Others are talking about the world crisis and how it all occurred

Your work continues to inspire the nation

How lucky you are not deterred

WATER (Part of the “I am Nature” series)  By Sue Liska (friend of Nancy Atwood), August, 2022

I am lonely, I am shrinking

In areas, I am sinking

In lakes and reservoirs meant for mankind

The heat is horrific

 During summer blight prolific

My rings exposed, no replenishing rain I find

Most do not know that I keep memories in my flow

Of all that ever happened here on earth

And now I am shaking, the losses overtaking

As I lose some threads of history in this dearth

And then my nature, so affected 

Precious growth intercepted

By global warming at the hand of man

Velvet leaves that once existed

Now crumple and are twisted

As plants dry up over the continent span

Green plants, so many fewer around

Our ecosystem once in balance, now browned

Soon I will leave all hope behind for this land

If I had any water to spare

I’d shed some tears in despair

This was never projected in earth’s grand plan

Let’s say a prayer with others

Join our forces to discover

That it’s not too late to create a healing hand

The Giver of Life…The Taker of Life  by Sue Liska (friend of Nancy Atwood)

It’s a power unfathomable, forever high up in space

A distant burning star, from the beginning put in place

To warm our planet and nurture all life

With cycles of heat before enters the night

That mystery of dark, the absence of rays

Makes many of us sleepy, then rest from the day

The power, the glory, comes near us again

As earth and sun rotate, the heat and light it sends

Warmth and vision and now we all see

The giver of light, opulent and dazzling

Is the giver of life to all living, and to me

Yet in a sudden flash, life can turn on a dime

Our abuse of planet’s bounty and we may be out of time

For this star can turn deadly in stages or all at once

Sending heat waves and fires, our plant life it stunts

A death star released at the flip of a switch

Hand of the one at the controls, she will not flinch

If mankind is not worth saving 

With all of the troubles and turmoil we create

Our solar star becomes a taker of life

And we disappear, no tomorrows, eradication our fate


Barbara Menne, Untitled, alcohol inks, 2021.

Barb 2.jpg
Barb 3.JPG
barb 1.JPG

Alex Atwood, Remnants, 2021.  Musical Composition with Visual Accompaniment.  Location is Chambers Bay Park.

Joanna Lepore Dwyer, Untitled, 2000. Yes, my daughter the artist!  A high school work, it hangs on my office wall as a daily reminder of what we are up against.

joanna painting.jpg

From Nancy Atwood, a poem by her friend Sue Liska:

What Do You See Off the Bow of Your Ship?

A vision of blue, a promise of forever

 The sky a pink hue, yet I feel a slight shiver

What upsets this earth picture so vivid with beauty?

 A thought so distressful, in verse I think my duty


To paint a picture of plastic everywhere raining down

 Entering our ecosystem, is it possible to rebound?

It affects my thoughts….. pollution is a dirty word

 Ahead in time, I see fewer animals and birds

Our Mission:


To make things right, to educate and care

 To help erase this blight over our earth once fair

Develop technology to recover, reuse, redistribute

 And to humanity’s future we will be a tribute 


A Few Years From Now:

Triumphant! We did it large scale, results plain to see

 Our earth looks better, cleaning up was the key

On the horizon ahead, no longer to aggrieve

 Healthier food and drink, and better air to breathe


This ship crosses waters near my town and yours,

 And plastic recovery is a business that soars

Every piece utilized for man’s hungry desires

 Captured in mobile bays, all excuses ceasefire

Zero tolerance for scrappy discards that can’t be reused

 Find them, surround them, recover, recycle, stop abuse

Then the view from your ship’s bow will surely produce

 A satisfaction and success for planet Gaia--no excuse

TERRA NIL, video game on Steam, 2023.  "An intricate environmental strategy game about transforming a barren wasteland into a thriving, balanced ecosystem. Bring life back to a lifeless world by purifying soil, cleaning oceans, planting trees, and reintroducing wildlife, then leave without a trace." Refreshing, uplifting, and calming. Thanks to my daughter Becca Lepore for this contribution.  As she says, video games can be art too!

See trailer on YouTube

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