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Climate Talk on the Radio

Updated 9/26/2022

CCL Tacoma member, John Doherty, gives a regular program, Climate Talk, on RadioTacoma, KTAH 101.9 FM. You can listen to these talks at this archive.  John also produces a Climate Minute which is aired regularly on RadioTacoma and now on the Voice of Vashon, KVSH 101.9 FM.

If you would like to reach out to John, please email him at

Documents and websites to which John refers during his programs:

2022 Climate Talk Program Links

September 25: Dr. Sam Calisch of Rewiring America on electrifying (almost) everything and how you can save money and reduce your emissions by using the Rewiring America Inflation Reduction Act savings calculator.

Dr. Calisch and Rewiring America articles on:


August 14 (Part 1), August 21 (Part 2): Seattle-based nuclear engineer Nick Touran discusses how nuclear energy can fit in with green energy sources - and how to manage the risks. 

August 7: Dr. Lowell Wyse, Executive Director of the Tacoma Tree Foundation fills us in on why Tacoma is at the bottom of the stack for tree canopy and what we can do about it - and why we should.

  • Tacoma Tree Foundation: focused on bringing trees and plants to the areas where they can have the most social and environmental impact.

  • Tacoma Community Forestry Stories: Amazing resource from City of Tacoma on connections between racist development patterns, tree coverage, and urban heat.

  • Tree Equity Score: Nonprofit map of all Puget Sound region that shows which areas need trees the most.

  • Trees For Tacoma: All the different ways folks can get free and reduced-cost trees for their properties.

July 18: Community activist and South Tacoma resident Tim Smith brings us up to date on burgeoning resources supporting development of an Economic Green Zone in South Tacoma

  • American Geophysical Union is an international, nonprofit scientific association whose mission is to promote discovery in Earth and space science for the benefit of humanity. They are planning to provide professional support for the development of an Economic Green Zone in South Tacoma. AGU: Thriving Earth Exchange

  • Next South Tacoma update will be the Planning Commission meeting on 20 Jul 22 where the South Tacoma Groundwater Protection District Moratorium [STGPD] and current aspects of the STGPD will be presented to the Planning Commission.

  • Agenda and meeting details include an overview of the existing code/protections. See AGENDA Item F-1  and background slides at page 3.  Includes links to 27 Jul STGPD Moratorium community meeting zoom.

June 27: Community activist Tim Smith helps us understand what’s going on with the South Tacoma “David vs. Goliath” mega-warehouse permitting process

April 17: Tim Smith on the South Tacoma Warehouse Project

March 12: Community activist and South Tacoma resident Tim Smith sketches out the details and climate change impacts of the proposed South Tacoma warehouse project



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