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Selected Climate Articles


NY Times (10/28/22), Opinion | Where My Climate Doubts began to Melt

NY Times (10/26/22), Beyond Catastrophe: A New Climate Reality is Coming into View

NY Times (10/26/22), The New World: Envisioning Life After Climate Change (8/19/22), How New US Tax Credits, Rebates Will Work for Clean Energy Home Upgrades

Post Carbon Institute (8/31/22), Museletter: Introducing TREES

SciAM (8/31/22), This Hot Summer Is One of the Coolest of the Rest of Our Lives

NY Times (8/27/22), You Want an Electric Car With a 300-Mile Range? When Was the Last Time You Drove 300 Miles?

NY Times (8/26/22), The Way to Slow Climate Change Is as Close as Your City Hall or School Board

Rocky Mountain Institute (8/3/22), How the New Climate Bill Promises to Cut Inflation, Upgrade the Economy, and Slash Emissions

NY Times (7/8/22), Air Pollution Kills 10 Million People a Year. Why Do We Accept That as Normal?

SciAm (July 2022 Issue), Subverting Climate Science in the Classroom

SciAm (5/6/22), Rechargeable Molten Salt Battery Freezes Energy in Place for Long-Term Storage

E&E News and SciAm (4/11/22), Scientists Risk Arrest to Demand Climate Action

Richard Heinberg (3/2022), Museletter #349: After the Ukraine Invasion

NY Times (3/22/22), 'OK Doomer' and the Climate Advocates Who Say It's Not Too Late

Inside Climate News (2/9/22), To Counter Global Warming, Focus Far More on Methane, ...

SciAm (2/2/22), U.S. Project Reaches Major Milestone toward Practical Fusion Power

Deseret News (1/13/22), Opinion: America needs leaders who can unite the nation on climate change

Wash Post (1/5/22), France says car ads must come with a caveat: Walk, bike or take public transit instead

Wash Post (1/4/22), These homes are off-grid and climate resilient. They’re also built out of trash


Cipher by Breakthrough Energy (12/15/21), Looking back and ahead: climate tech trends in 2021 and 2022

From the NYTimes (11/4/21), Film Club: "Greta Thunberg Has Given Up on Politicians"

From SciAm (10/27/21), There's Still Time to Fix Climate - About 11 Years

From Richard Heinberg of the Post Carbon Institute (9/17/21), The Only Long-Range Solution to Climate Change

From SciAm (10/1/21), Massively Reducing Food Waste Could Feed the World

From Inside Climate News (4/17/21), Ecocide: Should Destruction of the Planet Be a Crime?

From Vox (9/12/21), How to end the American obsession with driving

From Vox (9/10/21), What’s the worst that could happen?

From Undark (9/9/21), Opinion: The Messy Truth About Carbon Footprints

From The Guardian (9/8/21), Vast majority of fossil fuels 'must stay in the ground' to stem climate crisis

From Reuters (8/19/21), Sweden's HYBRIT delivers world's first fossil-free steel

SciAm's (8/18/21), Earth and Environment Weekly

From Inside Climate News (8/15/21), The Repercussions of a Changing Climate, in 5 Devastating Charts

SciAm's (8/11/21), Earth & Environment Weekly

From the IPCC and The NY Times (8/9/21), 1.5°C Temperature Rise Is Inevitable...

From Inside Climate News (7/21/21), Do Leaked Climate Reports Help or Hurt Public Understanding of Global Warming?

From the NY Times (7/21/21), America in 2090: The Impact of Extreme Heat, in Maps

SciAm's (7/21/21), Earth & Environment weekly

An Opinion by Ezra Klein of the NY Times (7/15/21), It Seems Odd That We Would Just Let the World Burn
From SciAm (6/20/21), The Delusion of Infinite Economic Growth
From the NY Times (6/14/21), Our Response to Climate Change Is Missing Something Big, Scientists Say
From Yale Climate Connections (6/8/21), Geoengineering: A worst-case Plan B? Or a fuse not to be lit?
From the NYT (5/18/21), International Energy Agency issues warning to nations to drop fossil fuels, fast
From the NYT (5/6/21), The Lithium Gold Rush: Inside the Race to Power Electric Vehicles
From Scientific American (4/14/21), Climate Risks Bill Could Spark Shift to Truly Green Economy
From the NYT (4/24/21), Halting the Vast Release of Methane Is Critical for Climate, U.N. Says

From The Seattle Times (4/16/21), Clean Hydrogen Energy in Washington State

Inside Climate News (3/31/21) - Nine Ways Biden’s $2 Trillion Plan Will Tackle Climate Change

Offshore Wind Power: Poised (finally) to Take Off on the East Coast?, from The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (3/6/21)

From InvestigateWest (INVW) (2/24/21), Visualizing Climate-Vulnerable Communities 

Terra Carta, For Nature, People & Planet (1/11/21)


From Our World in Data, Why did renewables become so cheap so fast?

United Nations Environment Program, Emissions Gap Report 2020

From SciAm, On Climate, Biden Must Do More than Undo Trump's Damage

Good News from Australia, from the Climate Council

NYT article, Belching Cows and Endless Feedlots

SciAm's October 14, 2020 Earth and Environment weekly 

It’s not magic: Scientists are trying to reflect outer space to cool the Earth, from the Wash Post.

From Richard Heinberg of the Post Carbon Institute, What If Preventing Collapse Isn't Profitable?

A New Gold Standard for Green Architecture, from the Wash Post

From the Wash Post, 'Unprecedented' climate change is fueling wildfire crisis


Commentary from Erin Brockovich, The US is in a water crisis far worse than most people imagine

From The NY Times, U.S. Flood Strategy Shifts to ‘Unavoidable’ Relocation of Entire Neighborhoods.  Is climate change finally starting to sink in?

SciAm's August 12, 2020 Earth & Environment weekly

From SciAm, Will 2020 Be the Hottest Year on Record?

Revealed: how the gas industry is waging war against climate action, from The Guardian

An older op-ed from The Guardian by Bill McKibben regarding the Keystone pipeline

Science Denial, from Scientific American

From the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, A dirty battle for a nuclear bailout in Ohio

The Great Climate Migration Has Begun, from The NY Times

From Scientific American, methane's upward trend

CO2 in Earth's atmosphere nearing levels of 15 million years ago, from The Guardian

How to fight climate change: Spread rock dust on farmland, from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

From The Guardian, North Atlantic right whales near extinction

I've Seen a Future Without Cars, and It's Amazing,  an op-ed from The NY Times

From the Wash Post and Nature Communications, Anti-climatic. Even if we start to fix climate change, the proof may not show up for 30 years

From Scientific American, rolling back environmental protections...

Good news on renewable energy, from The Guardian

From Inside Climate News, the EPA claims victory in Wisconsin

From The Washington Post, poll says most Americans want more from the government on climate change

From The Guardian, IEA chief issues warning

Review of movie 2040, from the NY Times

From Scientific American, setting a price on carbon pollution

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