Updated 3/23/2021

Welcome to our new video page, where we present interviews with individuals involved in climate action in the Tacoma area.  We plan to expand our efforts into more in-depth reporting on climate issues affecting Tacoma and the surrounding area and people.  They are also posted on our YouTube channel, Citizens' Climate Lobby - Tacoma Chapter.

Are you or do you know someone involved in local climate action?  We welcome your input on topics and contacts.

Your hosts for these videos are CCL Tacoma members:

John Doherty, former Marine and airline pilot and instructor, hosts the radio program Climate Talk where he and his guests talk about "everything climate, and always respectfully."  The program can be found on Tacoma Radio, KTAH 101.9 FM and the Voice of Vashon, KVSH 101.9 FM.

James Morgese, former public broadcaster with more than 40 years in commercial and public television, is passionate about preserving our environment and is volunteering his skills in video production toward the cause.

"Our Environment is Threatened.
We're Running Out of Time..."

John Doherty talks with Sameer Ranade from Front and Centered about environmental equity for  underrepresented groups.

Ryan Mello, Pierce County Councilman, speaks on environmental issues of concern in Pierce County.

James Morgese talks with representatives of Pierce Transit on their diversification of their busses away from diesel fuel.

John Doherty talks with Dick Muri, an expert in electric vehicles, on owning and operating an electric car for the benefit of the environment and personal economy.

John Doherty talks with Kevin Bartoy from the Washington State Ferry System on their plans to diversify away from diesel power for their fleet.

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