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Goals and Accomplishments

Our 2021 Goals


  • Draw in new members and get current members to be more active:

    • Volunteers to make personal calls to new and current members

    • Encourage sign-up for monthly calling campaign to Congress

  • Promote monthly calling campaign to Congress in John's radio talks and on the website

  • Organize happy hours for the group outside of monthly meetings



  • Reach out to local youth (middle & high school) or other youth groups. (Erin Rasmussen with Sunrise is one of our contacts)

  • Reach out to military: En-ROADS presentation at McChord

  • Continue thinking/outreach efforts to labor groups

  • Promote Earth Day Art contest to selected middle schools



  • Focus on new Rep. Strickland (former Mayor of Tacoma, replaces Denny Heck)

  • Keep up on state legislation and have input when important

  • Continue following and lobbying Pierce County Council and Tacoma City Council



  • Make more En-ROADS Climate Solutions Simulator presentations in the community and with business groups to build political will

  • Hold practice or training sessions for tablers to help them know about current legislation


Other ideas/Topics

  • Green buildings

  • Endorsements: work on businesses & local politicians

  • Economic arguments, such as divestment and ending fossil fuel subsidies. Do these relate to us? Can we support others in doing this type of work?

  • Agriculture/Regenerative Ag/Forestry: keep up on this and potentially reach out to rural areas and groups


Your Input

  • What would you like to work on that’s not on the list?

Our 2020 Accomplishments (in spite of COVID)

  • Held monthly meetings via Zoom

  • Issued monthly newsletters

  • Wrote numerous letters to the Editor and Op-Eds (see our News page)

  • Continued our lobbying efforts with

    • Senators Cantwell, Murray

    • Congressmembers Kilmer, Heck

  • Attending the virtual Ocean Fest event with tabling and videos in September

  • Continued with John's Radio programs -- Climate Talk and Climate Minutes (see our Climate Talk page)

  • Continued coalition building – a new group was formed, Climate Pierce County

  • Made En-ROADS presentations and outreach efforts

  • Started a monthly member's Book Group (Join us!)

  • Ran Children’s virtual climate programs

  • Held Pierce County Council Candidate forums

  • Participated in the Tacoma Solidarity event in December

  • Developed and maintained a new website

  • Maintained our Facebook page (Visit us!)

  • Developed a training presentation, Introduction to CCL and our local Tacoma chapter, for new and prospective  members (see our Intro to CCL page)

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