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Our State Legislators Need Your Input on Climate Bills!

The 2023 Washington State legislative session opened Jan. 9.  This is our opportunity to support the most effective bills addressing the climate crisis. It has been remarked by elected officials that communications from even a few of their constituents can make a big impact on their decision-making.  So... let’s make our voices heard, by the dozens!


How does it work?

First –link up with an organization that finds and assesses bills, monitors their progress, and facilitates community input (“public testimony”).  Washington Conservation Action does that very well in my experience, but also the League of Women Voters,, Futurewise, Climate Reality, and state chapters of Audubon, Sierra Club, and The Nature Conservancy.  There should be a button to click to tell them you want to be notified about taking action.

Second—identify your district’s state representatives and senator. Find through


Making public testimony online

When you are alerted by your organization, you will receive descriptions and ID numbers of bills and when to submit your testimony.  They often provide shortcuts, but if not,

  • Go to and:


  • Type the four-digit bill number in the slot for “Search by Bill Number,” then click “Search.”

  • Click “COMMENT ON THIS BILL,” it’s a button to the far right.

  • Put in your address to get your district representatives’ names; that way they are informed of your testimony—the statistics are very important for them.

  • Put in your personal contact information.

  • Under ”Position,” click “SUPPORT.”

  • Type a brief supportive comment in the box below--it can be very short and sweet, i.e. “We must give salmon the healthy environment they need to thrive!”

  • Click “SEND COMMENT.”

  • That’s it!!  You will get a thank-you message, but better yet, you will feel great that you took action!


Want to do more?  

Send your own letters or emails directly to your elected officials about specific bills and issues.

Attend webinars about bills, and/or lobby meetings with legislators or their staff.  WCAand LWV organize those in February. 

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